Monthly Archives: January 2014

First time experience: opposing in a Ph.D defense ceremony

Yesterday, Januari 28th at 4:15 pm, Agon Hyseni became a Ph.D. He certainly earned it after his slick discussion! I was invited to prepare a few questions and take a seat in the ceremony with the actual Professors. A real honor. I was slightly worried that with only 6 opponents in the committee, and me being the final opponent, I would have an ocean of time to fill. So I prepared a LOT of questions! It became even worse when one of the Professors did not show up without prior notification….

Finally! Claudia’s TTP paper is online!

Hey all! Our paper on the role of plasmin in the prevention of  vessels obstructions has finally got online! It’s a great project to have worked on and it feels as a great stepping stone that motivates me to expand my studies on the urokinase system. I am very happy to see it published in a very nice, modern, clinically oriented high-impact journal like Circulation! You can find the link to the PDF of the paper here. and the link to the PDF of the Editorial that goes with it here….

Fix: get missing weather information in iPhone’s notification center under iOS7

Problem: The notification center is not giving weather information, although all your settings are right.                                                                                      Solution: Place icon of Apple’s native weather app on your home screen One of the  things I really missed after updating my iPhone 4s to iOS7 is the  way in which I could get…