Finally! Claudia’s TTP paper is online!

Hey all! Our paper on the role of plasmin in the prevention of  vessels obstructions has finally got online!

It’s a great project to have worked on and it feels as a great stepping stone that motivates me to expand my studies on the urokinase system. I am very happy to see it published in a very nice, modern, clinically oriented high-impact journal like Circulation!

You can find the link to the PDF of the paper here. and the link to the PDF of the Editorial that goes with it here.

Circ capture


4 Responses to "Finally! Claudia’s TTP paper is online!"

  1. Well done Dr. Maas.

    You are an inspiration to our scientific community
    and I wish you many more of these excellent publications!

    Best wishes


    • +10000 – He is such an inspiration for ALL the Science community

  2. Congrats, Coen and ofcourse Claudia! Excellent paper!

  3. coen

    Thanks Jonas! We like it, too! You can let your PhD students read it so they can destroy me over it in a journal club 😉

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