A great saturday with an award for dessert

I recently had a very interesting saturday, when I had to give two talks. I started out at Sanquin, Amsterdam in the morning. Dr. Rob Fijnheer and Prof. Jan Voorberg hosted the annual TTP patient day at this institute. A place where patients with this rare and life-threatening disorder can exchange experiences and receive an update on the scientific progress in TTP research. I was invited to speak there on our work. It took some ‘conversion’ to get the message across, but I think we got it done! Actually, I will keep these metaphors for more general purposes: von Willebrand Factor acts as velcro, and plasmin can be a ‘backup goalie’ for ADAMTS13 in TTP.



IMG_6839 IMG_6847









The second talk was in a conference on Laboratory Hematology in the Hague; a completely different audience with loads of technical experience. I shared our findings on the workings of the plasma contact activation system, both in the diagnostic setting and in pathology. Afterwards, I had a lot of nice discussion, which felt rewarding after nervously being stuck in traffic jams (beach visitors were blocking my way to the Hague). Finally, I had a very nice talk with Prof. Catherine Hayward, an reknown expert on (platelet) Factor V; an intriguing molecule.

What a crazy day, I had to change gears on all topics that I try to investigate. A few days later, I received the awesome news that I was nominated for an Eberhard F. Mammen Young Investigator Award for my second talk. A great honour! I am now writing an invited review on the subject that will be published in Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis later this year.

In conclusion: great day, great outcome!


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