Bose QC35 Headphones

I treated myself to a pair of these wireless headphones. They’re not cheap. But they turn out to be great – for me. Wired headphones have always been a problem. Wire breaks, jack plugs slipping out during a walk or bike ride. Pfff.

These are bluetooth. Easy to connect to devices. I must admit that the electronic voice is a bit disturbing. She tells you the battery level quite well, but the rest sounds like a bad spelling contest. About the battery, it lasts for a long time. I charge this thing once or twice a week. Doesn’t take long to charge, either.

Personally, I think the sound is great. I am sure there is higher quality for the true audiophiles. Guess I am just not one of them. Great sound, independent of music style or volume. There is little room to tweak it, though. There is an app – but it doesn’t add much.

The active noise cancelling is one of the reasons I bought this. I never experienced it before, but it is really impressive! Total isolation when at work in the room I share with two colleages (and their visitors). I noticed some pressure on my ears while having a cold (similar to diving). It also really cancels out the monotonous noise of ventilators, engines etc. As predicted, great for traveling.

The QC35’s come together with some optional wires and plugs, as well as a handy sturdy protective case for transport (and todler protection), which the headphones can fold into. I am personally happpy that these look ‘normal’. The ‘luxury look’ (to my opinion) is more for a younger audience. The set is robust and I can wear them for hours at a time without discomfort. Even when I wear glasses.

To conclude: these things have been a real treat!




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