New paper! Barendrecht et al. – Live-cell Imaging of Platelet Degranulation and Secretion Under Flow.

We recently made a video with JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments). It was really fun! You can find the movie and paper here.
It took me quite some time to prepare the ‘movie-script’ (really different than writing a normal publication), but it does count as a real publication on pubmed!

Arjan and Silvia organized the ‘show’ on the filming day (impressively organized) and all of us had to say a few words. I was reminded how terrible I am in front of a camera! It was much more comfortable to hold the Director Clapper (La Claqueta in spanish) ;).
I think the JoVE concept is valuable – to share methodology and eliminate as many hurdles as possible as a joint scientific community.

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