Research Grant from Trombosestichting Nederland

I recently received some amazing news in the middle of the great funding massacre that nearly killed me only a few days earlier.
My project “Nature’s Nanoparticles” was granted funding by Trombosestichting Nederland! I am very thankful! This means that we can investigate the properties of platelet polyphosphate nanoparticles in health and cardiovascular disease.

I believe that polyphosphate nanoparticles are the ‘cement’ that keeps the bricks (cells) of a blood clot together (drawn below). If a blood clot is torn apart, this material is exposed to the blood stream, calling in reinforcements for repair and strengthening of the blood clot via a specialized enzyme system. Excessive strengthening via this pathway will lead to vascular occlusion, which is a problem in thrombosis. However, I expect that a lack of this mechanism will cause thrombi to become unstable, resulting in shedding microthrombi into the vasculature. This could be equally dangerous. The aim is to evaluate the safety profile of interfering with the ‘thrombus-stabilization machinery’.

I can’t wait to get started! We already found the perfect person for the job!

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