General reference

p-365 water drop-ringsIn Journals
2012 Circulation – European Perspectives in Cardiology: A day in the life of a young investigator
2011 Circulation – European Perspectives in Cardiology: Funding: Rubicon Grants
2011 Science Translational Medicine [link]
2008 CellLeading Edge, Cell Biology Select
2008 AmyloidThesis Reports

Popular science fora
Sciencedaily: Insight Into Physiological Role of Blood Protein Factor XII Finally Revealed
Sciencedaily: Heparin a Key Role Player in Allergy and Inflammatory Reactions
Faculty of 1000

Biopharmaceutical companies
Clinisense corporation [link]
CrossBeta Biosciences [link]

At meetings
2009 Journal of Biological Chemistry – Annual Meeting: Protein Folding and Aggregation Diseases

Patient organisations
HAEi: Angioedema patient organisation [link]
TTP patient organisation [link]

Other Academic Activity
Funding for Dummies Lecture – Hosted by PrOUt (Promovendi Overleg Utrecht)
2014 Imperial College, London UK – Invited Seminar at Thrombosis and Haemostasis Research Department, Hammersmith Hospital
2014 TTP Patient Day (17 may): Invited Seminar at Sanquin Amsterdam